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In 2011 the Foundation Director, Julie Lombardi, became acutely aware of the homeless problem facing children in Cape Coral after attending a "Do the Right Thing" program.  The winner that day was a 17 year old boy who lived day to day with the help of friends.  He slept in various home when he had the opportunity.  His father was in prison and and his mother had died six months previously. In spite of all this, he was able to maintain a 4.0 GPA while working at a local ice cream store. He had even been accepted into college.

Upon further investigation I learned that there are approximately 1,200 "homeless children" in Lee County, of which over 400 live in Cape Coral.  Working with the Lee County Social Service Agency in the local school system I learned that the schools and teachers work to provide these children with "dignity" by opening the schools early in the morning and having toiletries available for the children to clean up prior to the school day.

Thus began the first of several programs --- the school children toiletry program.

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How It Started

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